David Mahloch holds a DMA in Music Compsition from the University of Alabama. He also holds a BM in Music Composition and an MM in Music Theory and Composition both from Mississippi College. His music has been performed throughout the United States. His organ work, Bagatelles has been performed in New York City and Portland, Oregon. His electronic pieces have been performed throughout the state in collaboration with the Alabama Contemporary Ensemble. Flute Piano Interplay was premiered in Brazil in Spring of 2012. David studied under Dr. C.P. First and Dr. James Sclater, electronic composition with Dr. Marvin Johnson, with further studies under Mario Davidovsky and Peter Westergaard.

David's recent theory reseach includes Analysis of the Twelve-Tone Music of Edison Denisov, Schoenberg’s Op. 19: Analysis for Young Composers, and Schenkerian Analysis of the second movement of Beethoven’s Waldstein piano sonata.

In addition to composition and theory, David is an active pianist, organist, and percussionist.